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06 February 2011

How to Use Freshwater Fish for Saltwater Bait

by toma_riddles

If you live on the east coast anywhere from Massachusetts to Georgia, chances are you have a saltwater summer flounder season. There are your old stand-by baits like squid and spearing, but if you freshwater fish as well, you can switch up your saltwater fishing bait repertoire with some freshwater bait for some awesome results!

1)Catch some crappies or bluegills

2)Scale the fish using a scaler (see link for example below):


I prefer the type shown in the link, but have not found cheaper one yet. When I find a cheaper one, I will post it for you guys.

3)Once the skin of both sides of the fish is smooth and free of scales, fillet the fish with a 5 to 8 inch stainless steel knife. If you already know how to fillet a fish, fillet it as if you were preparing it for a two fillet meal. DO NOT SKIN THE FILLETS! A filleting example is posted below.


4) Take a fillet, meat part up, and situate it with the thick, upper part (stomach region) of the fillet furthest from you. The thin tail region should be closest towards you. Cut the fillet into long horizontal strips starting from the upper part of the fillet downwards. Do this with both fillets and you will end up with some beautiful looking strip baits as seen in the link below.


5) Hook a crappie or bluegill strip once through the top of the strip onto an English style hook fluke rig. You can add some squid strips and some spearing to make a bait sandwich a summer flounder won't be able to resist!

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