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31 December 2011

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14 August 2011

Build a solid grape support and grow wonderful grapes

By Paul & Liz Stevens

Like many we wanted to produce grapes, and like many that dream seemed to always end up in disappointment, as the grapes would come on and seem to just dry up before they matured. We did the typical 4 x4 post with wire strung between them, but after the first few years when the grapes were really starting to take off the post were crooked, the wire was sagging and no matter what we did the vines always ended up touching the ground.

In touring the Amish country we began noticing one more step they use in supporting their grapes. They use the post and wire, but they take one additional step. At about 54” high they run a solid pipe through the post and drill through and bolt it at each post.
When we moved to Texas we decided to take that next step and built our new support using three post set so that we could run a 20’ 1-1/2” galvanized chain link fence top rail through the post. This meant we had to subtract 4” off each end of the 20’ so that the pole would go from end to end, with one post in the center. Before we set the post we wedged them plum and used a string level on our chalk line and snapped a line level at 54” high, then another line where we wanted the top to be. We numbered the post took each one back out and drilled strait through the center of each post on our drill press using the chalk line as our horizontal center point. We used the next size up forstner bit from the actual pole size to give a bit of wiggle room. We then drilled a series of 3/8” holes in each post space 16” apart starting at 12” from the ground. This is where we ran our wire through to attach the vines as they grow up to the main pole. We cut the post to length and set the post back into the ground. With some extra hands we went ahead and slid the pole through the tops, drilled through the end post and bolted them, after we had the end post plumb, we plumbed the center post and drilled and bolted it.

We set the post with just a little bit of concrete just to fill the post hole, plus we only needed to go down around 2’. With this system all the tension is held by the pipe at the top, so we didn’t need to attack it with a 3’ deep hole and several bags of concrete. That was our first clue that we were really going to really like this approach, a lot less work! To add a bit of fancy to the project we purchased the ball tops and screwed them into the top of each post. After the post cured we ran our wire through the holes having the pole across the top keeps the post solid, thus we were able to really stretch the wire without worry of pulling the post inward.

We started our grapes and carefully nurtured them as they grew to the top. We choose Muscadine Grapes as we know someone living in the Florida panhandle suggested them. They have much of the same climate as we do in central coastal Texas, and have tried several of the varieties from up North with no success, except for the Muscadine, with that said where you live will have a lot to do with the varieties that do well in your climate.

Well with all this work we thought we were ready to cash in on a great grape crop, nope after they started to really mature about five years ago, the same old story, they came on strong and then just shriveled up like a pea and dropped off. We have them in the irrigation system so we knew they were getting plenty of water. We did notice that we were getting a fungus on the leaves and would spray but that didn’t really help either.

As we drove through Texas we would always admire the wonderful grape vineyards and wondered just what the secret was that we were missing. As we began to look closer we noticed there were no leaves up to around 4’ from the ground. At first we thought this was just because the plants were more mature. We went home and peeled off all our leaves that were close to the ground and kept new growth from coming out at that level. We also fertilized the plants and to our surprise the fungus went away the plants filled out the grapes came on stayed and we had a great crop that year. This year will mark our 3rd year with a strong crop of grapes. Last year off four plants spreading across that 20’ section we were able to harvest enough grapes to make jelly and nearly five gallons of wine.

In total it has been eight years since we planted our grapes, the support is still as plumb and straight as the day we installed it, and it appears it will be that way for some time. We are really sold on this system, as for what made the grapes finally take off, we are not sure which has more benefit the removal of the leaves or the fertilizer but we plan to keep a good thing going. Hope this helps someone else having the same problems with their grapes.





20 March 2011

From Our State Officials

From Our State Officials
 Posted by Detentus

After the usual run to get the Sunday paper, aka The Boston Globe, I stumbled across this headline in the Metro section(B) that was interesting. "State officials fear a run on iodide pills." It appears as if they are downplaying the role of these pills in disaster plans after receiving about 100 phone calls from residents who live near the Pilgrim plant requesting them. They claim that should a nuclear accident occur residents would be able to obtain them at nearby shelters and evacuation centers.

Local and state officials are discouraging people not to pick up these pills "because there is no need" according to Plymouth fire chief, G. Edward Bradley.

I suppose this makes sense to some degree because we know that potassium iodide is not the magic cure all or preventative measure given that there are different types of radioactive exposure.

However, this does not explain why the federal government supplied MA with 550,000, upon request, over concerns about terrorist attacks on Pilgrim. Conflicting reports do more to add to people's confusion and understandably so. The Surgeon General, Ms. Benjamin called it a "precaution." Later, the Dept. of Health and Human Services issued a statement that she was not suggesting people buy personal supplies."
With such spotty and bad information, or no information at all,is it any wonder why people are so concerned?

Also in the article was comments made by one Becky Chin, a Duxbury resident, cochairwoman of that town's nuclear advisory committee, "who has long pressed for better preparation for disasters and who said that residents should be encouraged to be self-sufficient." Given that Duxbury is about 10 miles south of Plymouth, she has led campaigns to buy protective masks for the town's 3,000 schoolchildren and stock schools with liquid KI.

She says "Most people don't want to think about it, and many think the government will help them out. The government will do the best it can, but you'd better be prepared to help yourself."

Well said, Becky Chin! 

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14 March 2011

Chemical Plant Explosion in Middleton, MA

An explosion at the Bostik Chemical Plant, in Middleton damaged 2 buildings and injured 4.  The plant manufactures adhesives.  The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

Download free Chemical Emergency information here:

- Chemical Emergencies

- Emergency Response Guidebook
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07 March 2011

Massachusetts Preppers Roll Call - All Preppers Please Check In

The American Preppers Network is conducting a network-wide roll call.  Whether you are a member or not please check in and let us know what you are doing to prepare.

This is a good opportunity to network with other preppers near you.

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04 March 2011

New Meetup Group Central Massachusetts

There is now a new meetup group for Central Massachusetts. Please join by following the link below


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02 March 2011

Microstamping Bill Introduced In Massachusetts

Cam Edwards talks to Jim Wallace, from the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) in Massachusetts - NRA News - February 28, 2011 - http://www.NRANews.com

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26 February 2011

Several states consider loosening raw milk restrictions as FDA tries to tighten them

(NaturalNews) As the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates ways to further restrict Americans' access to raw milk and raw milk products, several US states are considering legislation to loosen the regulatory noose that limits freedom of food choice. Texas, Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin all have pending legislation to legalize raw milk sales, relax sale restrictions that make buying the product difficult, or for the first time decriminalize raw milk sales with restrictions.

Recently, the FDA decided to target raw milk cheese, suggesting that it is more dangerous that pasteurized cheese and thus may require increased limitations. But the very data the FDA is using to make this claim clearly shows that contamination often happen after production, both in raw and pasteurized cheeses. In other words, both raw and pasteurized milk products can become contaminated after production (http://www.naturalnews.com/031471_r...).

Despite this and other propaganda efforts to falsely demonize raw milk, consumer demand for the unpasteurized, unhomogenized, farm-fresh food continues to rise. And the rhetoric coming from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the FDA, and various state health agencies and officials hellbent on telling people what they can and cannot drink, is losing ground to the simple grassroots efforts pushing for more raw milk freedom.

In Texas, House Bill 75 and Senate Bill 237 would eliminate the restriction allowing raw milk sales only on the farm, and instead allow them to take place at "any other location where producers customarily sell their products directly to consumers including a farmers' market, farm stand, flea market, food cooperative or fair." The Minnesota legislature is set to have a similar bill presented before it.

Oregon's HB 2222, also known as the Family Farm Act, would expand the maximum herd limits for producers of raw milk in the state, and would offer some tax and other exemptions to local farmers.

New Jersey's bill A743, perhaps the most aggressive of all, would fully reverse the state's current ban on raw milk. Farmers who obtain a valid raw milk permit under a new state program and comply with testing requirements would be permitted to sell raw milk both directly to consumers and in retail stores.

Sources for this story include:



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06 February 2011

How to Use Freshwater Fish for Saltwater Bait

by toma_riddles

If you live on the east coast anywhere from Massachusetts to Georgia, chances are you have a saltwater summer flounder season. There are your old stand-by baits like squid and spearing, but if you freshwater fish as well, you can switch up your saltwater fishing bait repertoire with some freshwater bait for some awesome results!

1)Catch some crappies or bluegills

2)Scale the fish using a scaler (see link for example below):


I prefer the type shown in the link, but have not found cheaper one yet. When I find a cheaper one, I will post it for you guys.

3)Once the skin of both sides of the fish is smooth and free of scales, fillet the fish with a 5 to 8 inch stainless steel knife. If you already know how to fillet a fish, fillet it as if you were preparing it for a two fillet meal. DO NOT SKIN THE FILLETS! A filleting example is posted below.


4) Take a fillet, meat part up, and situate it with the thick, upper part (stomach region) of the fillet furthest from you. The thin tail region should be closest towards you. Cut the fillet into long horizontal strips starting from the upper part of the fillet downwards. Do this with both fillets and you will end up with some beautiful looking strip baits as seen in the link below.


5) Hook a crappie or bluegill strip once through the top of the strip onto an English style hook fluke rig. You can add some squid strips and some spearing to make a bait sandwich a summer flounder won't be able to resist!

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01 February 2011

More Bad Weather

 From: Detentus

How are you MA preppers doing? Have you dug yourself out from the last storm?
Looks like it's going to be a wintry mix with dangerous driving conditions. Stay safe out there if you do have to be on the road.
From NECN.

"Tuesday... Snow develops from west to east between 6 and 8 AM, respectively, with a heavy burst followed by moderate snow intensity, tapering between 6 and 8 PM. See video forecast for accumulation map - generally 4"-6" south (less at South Coast), 2"-4" North. Highs in the 30s South Coast, 20s for many, teens north. Northeast wind at 4-14 mph, except light and variable in Maine.

Overnight Tuesday Night... A lull in precipitation, with patchy light snow and freezing drizzle, then snow redevelops predawn. Lows in the 20s for many, teens north, 30s South Coast. Northeast wind at 8-18 mph.

Wednesday... Snow for many- blizzard conditions possible in NH and ME - mixing with sleet and freezing rain south of Route 2 in Northern MA, and changing to rain at the South Coast. Accumulations of 1-3 feet for many, dependent upon location, less south of the Massachusetts Turnpike - see video forecast for accumulation map.

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16 January 2011

Is it Really "Fair Play" Between Us and the Elite?

Human World Order
Activist Post

Recently a "fixer" for the elite appeared anonymously as "Charles" in a compelling interview by Bill Ryan of Project Avalon. First, for those who study the real power structure on planet Earth, there's not much in the way of ground-breaking details. However, Charles' stern matter-of-fact answers add confirmation to many suspicions.

Charles confirms the elite's plans and motive for culling the population; a move to global currency with removal of financial borders; the very serious manner by which mega-food companies control all food; the incredible technology possessed by the ruling elite (including modular triangular UFOs); the fact that we should regard space more as an ocean with living creatures; and the idea of money and time as illusions.

He claims the reason he came forward was to give the public "fair" warning of things to come and let things play out as they may. According to Charles, the elite believe they are the responsible protectors of Corporation Earth and the human genome, which has become so bloated and broken that they need to "trim the fat off the surplus." The surplus of humans was created by the "machine itself," he says, and now they need to bring in a "liquidator" of sorts to downsize.

In the interview, he reveals that he believes, as his elite bosses believe, that the planet is broken and needs to be fixed. He likened it to being a father in a rushing river with his two sons, but he can save only one of them from drowning -- the stronger swimmer who can meet him halfway. This is also a metaphor for the elite's Darwinian approach to strengthening the human species.

He said that three plans are definitely on the table and already underway: 1) discredit and destroy the alternative media; 2) create massive famine by pulling the plug on food production and distribution; 3) execute a false flag UFO event to frighten the public into submitting to their leadership. In turn, he firmly stated that nuclear war is off the table, because it is not selective, ruins the environment, and is costly to rebuild afterward.

As evil as their methods appear to be, according to Charles there is a code of practice among the elite controllers to put the agenda out in the open -- however cryptic and hidden it may be. Their thinking is that this is a "fair" way to inform the earthlings who are smart enough to filter through the noise and find the truth. He claims that the average human simply "can't handle the truth."

Perhaps he's right that the masses can't yet handle the truth. Clearly, their plans and tactics for "culling the herd" can only be viewed as "evil" by the compassionate commoners who are just awakening. It is this anger, -- first about being lied to; and secondly by not having enough knowledge to remotely justify such drastic actions on the population -- which causes the newly awakened to instinctively want to fight the controllers.

However, it seems this venom and hatred toward the controllers is actually desired by them to feed the negativity and divisiveness. In other words, problems can't be solved by fighting them because it makes it easier for them to divide and conquer. Charles said the elite laugh at the alternative media infighting and misdirection, but when they get things right they will be targeted.

If it is true that the elite must engage in "fair play," it seems disingenuous to claim that fair warning is the same as fair play, especially when all hidden knowledge is buried by their controlled distractions and disinformation campaigns. Furthermore, hoarding all of the resources and technology, eons more advanced from the matrix of current civilization, is hardly allowing for the natural progression of humanity to exist in balance with the planet.

Given their absolute control of all the hidden knowledge, the material wealth, the war machine, the media, and super advanced technologies, it would appear that they are indestructible, or at least have an incredibly unfair advantage. However, Charles admits that humanity's resistance to mandatory vaccines during the engineered swine flu scare surprised them and forced them to retreat, displaying that overwhelming numbers still matter.

Incidentally, their rabid lust for power and control seems driven, at least in part, by fear and paranoia of losing everything. Surely they're aware that all it would take is a rapid shift in consciousness by the rabble to end their reign. It is unlikely the masses will be very forgiving given the scale of the lies. This, fellow humans, may be our biggest bargaining chip with the elite.

It is understandable that there are those who say we must destroy the evil elite to regain liberty. Yet, if we're being intellectually honest with ourselves, civilization has become delicately dependent on the elite's consolidated systems for food, energy, and water within the current matrix. Therefore, if the Human World Order topples the system in dramatic fashion, the human suffering will likely be far more severe and rapid than the elite's controlled implosion. This, by no means condones their deceptive and cruel tactics, just points out the obvious dilemma.

If the elite believe they have clear indications and statistics that planet earth and humanity as a whole is in crisis and needs adaptation, then the people should be entitled to the same wealth of information as the elite possess, so that such a profound decision can be made both by pragmatists, as well as idealists. After all, it is the unique ability of the human race to solve problems using both sides of our brain, which encompasses the entire spectrum from cold-hearted calculation to the soaring idealism of pure liberty and human compassion. Any decisions that are to be made about the future of our species may be best served through inclusion and cooperation, not solely by the elite.

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01 January 2011

New Rules for Massachusetts

 Post by Detentus

Just a heads up for MA residents as to what's coming down the pike(not the MA Pike) for changes in health insurance and prescription drugs, effective Janurary, 2011.

From the Worcester Telegram and Gazette:

"Patients will have to start showing identification before picking up a wider range of prescription drugs in Massachusetts in 2011.

Under new regulations that take effect Jan. 1, patients will have to show pharmacists their IDs to obtain so-called "Schedule 3, 4, and 5" drugs, including Valium, Vicodin and Ativan.

Health officials say the drugs are serious medication which continue to be implicated in prescription drug abuse, overdoses and overdose deaths.

Patients already have to show their IDs for drugs like OxyContin.

The new information will be entered into the state's Prescription Drug Monitoring database to ensure the prescriptions are being used appropriately.

Officials say the new regulations were crafted to ensure patient privacy"

What privacy? This information will be entered into a database and there are already strict laws on the books(always have been) to ensure that pharmacies abide by proper dispensing of narcotics and other controlled substances.
What's next? Even more ID shown? In addition to that prescription from your physician: a passport, birth certificate or maybe a note from Mommy.

There's more for MA residents. The fine for not having health insurance is about to go up. Currently the monthly fine is $93.00 monthly. The increase will be $101.00 a month or roughly $1,200.00 per year. These figures are based upon age and income.

Finally, under the new federal health care reform bill, medical savings accounts will be severely restricted and those who use them will be barred from putting away a portion of their income(tax free) to cover their own medical needs. In other words, those OTC(over the counter) medications cannot be purchased without a doctor's prescription if you want this to be included in this program. So, you now will have to pay for a doctor's visit and obtain a prescription. Some savings considering that co-payments have increased dramatically.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this but I just got a visual. Got heartburn? Get that prescription for Tums, Rolaids and Maalox. Stuffy nose? No anti-histamine for you unless you call the doctor first. Aspirin, ibuprophen, Tylenol, baby aspirin, vitamins, herbal supplements, first aid kits, bandaids, calamine lotion, Witch Hazel.....will we need a prescription for these, too? Laxatives and anti-diarrheal products like Immodium.

I don't like what I see.

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