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23 March 2009

Sign of the times

Ok, after I got my load of wood, me being the talker I am, was talking with the guy who dropped off my wood. He informed me, that I was lucky to get this load as it was one of the last he had access to. He told me that the wood market has mostly come to a halt. There were 5 sawmills in the area that had folded because of the housing market. No new houses being built so no demand for cherry, maple or oak. This is the reason loggers log certain areas. Firewood is a by-product so to speak. Normally someone would call to have a lot cleared. Someone goes in and marks the good trees and anything around it is considered firewood. Most of them are around 6 - 10 inches in diameter, or twisted logs, or starting to rot.
So, if you burn wood, you may want to start to look for it now instead of the fall and expect the price to go up also. Around here, cut, split, and delivered was going for roughly 200.00 a cord, or 128 cu feet. A cord is roughly 4ft wide x 4ft tall x 8ft long and stacked. Most don't stack it anymore, just trown in the back of a truck.
Good luck and keep preppin.

1 comment:

Herbalpagan said...

I talked to a guy who is doing wood around here and he said the same thing about the price. I couldn't believe it when he told me! I'm darned glad we have our own wood here on our land! With the ice storm that came through in December, people are driving the back roads and picking up wood and just cutting it and piling it in the back of their truck. Apparently this is allowed with permission on State Forest lands, which surrounds us.