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10 November 2010

Welcome New Members

Welcome our new members:


Ive been lurking around here for awhile. Figured it was about time that I introduced myself.....
Relatively new to prepping. Only 21, so I have time to learn.
Not entirely sure what I should be typing here... So yea... Hello.

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Hi all,

Apparently I was only sort of a member, so today I fixed that. *waves*

I live on my MIL's farm with my husband and we help out here. Life has been way too hectic the past few years, dealing with health issues and death in the family, but we're still trying. Don't expect to hear much from me, as a result....

Gardener, spinner, weaver, artist. Extremely indifferent canner. Getting into hiking.

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hi all,

just learned about this forum through the Waterman files.
was listening to the tipping point presentation and found my way here.
have been looking for an organization like this for a while now. we all know that everything is going to hell and i figure that in numbers and by networking, all of us stand a much better chance of surviving and probably thriving in the long run.

i am new to prepping also but have got a good stash of food, got a good shortwave radio today. my first ever. sure beats listening to that ad infested, corporate owned, wbz news.

some very scary things going down and i anticipate another 9/11 like event coming very soon. in which case they're gonna lock this country down so tight they'll be breathing down our necks. (like they're not already...)

anyway, hello from owl

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