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20 March 2011

From Our State Officials

From Our State Officials
 Posted by Detentus

After the usual run to get the Sunday paper, aka The Boston Globe, I stumbled across this headline in the Metro section(B) that was interesting. "State officials fear a run on iodide pills." It appears as if they are downplaying the role of these pills in disaster plans after receiving about 100 phone calls from residents who live near the Pilgrim plant requesting them. They claim that should a nuclear accident occur residents would be able to obtain them at nearby shelters and evacuation centers.

Local and state officials are discouraging people not to pick up these pills "because there is no need" according to Plymouth fire chief, G. Edward Bradley.

I suppose this makes sense to some degree because we know that potassium iodide is not the magic cure all or preventative measure given that there are different types of radioactive exposure.

However, this does not explain why the federal government supplied MA with 550,000, upon request, over concerns about terrorist attacks on Pilgrim. Conflicting reports do more to add to people's confusion and understandably so. The Surgeon General, Ms. Benjamin called it a "precaution." Later, the Dept. of Health and Human Services issued a statement that she was not suggesting people buy personal supplies."
With such spotty and bad information, or no information at all,is it any wonder why people are so concerned?

Also in the article was comments made by one Becky Chin, a Duxbury resident, cochairwoman of that town's nuclear advisory committee, "who has long pressed for better preparation for disasters and who said that residents should be encouraged to be self-sufficient." Given that Duxbury is about 10 miles south of Plymouth, she has led campaigns to buy protective masks for the town's 3,000 schoolchildren and stock schools with liquid KI.

She says "Most people don't want to think about it, and many think the government will help them out. The government will do the best it can, but you'd better be prepared to help yourself."

Well said, Becky Chin! 

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