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22 February 2009

Canning Resources

Some good resources for anyone starting out with canning:

30 pages of the basics of canning from the USDA-

Great information. The Preserving Food at Home Self-Study course is really good. It allows you to work through the 4 modules at your own pace, and is free.

A forum/message board for any questions and sharing information:

Granny Miller's blog- she has made quite a few videos about canning, which can be accessed from her site:

Canning supplies such as water-bath canners, jars, kids, mixes, etc:

Canning and freezing information with illustrations:

And some of my favorite canning and preserving books:






western mass. man said...

Thanks YP.
I was just thinking the other day about starting to look around for that info as this will be my first year for canning.

Herbalpagan said...

I rely most on the Ball Blue Book. It has precise instructions for almost anything you might want to can, as well as equipment lists.
Putting Food By is another one that is very specific about all kinds of Food preservation.

Anonymous said...

fantastic collection of info,,many thanks

YankeePrepper said...

It's probably a good idea to start buying jars, lids and bands whenever you see them. I try to buy them throughout the year, especially lids. Supposedly, there might be shortages this summer, with the increase in home canning due to the economy.

Herbalpagan said...

The Wal Mart around here still has a good stock of them. I checked my stock and won't need that many unless I start selling jam this year.

western mass. man said...

Let me know if you find any around here.
The wife just went to Chinamart this morn., but I forgot to ask her to look for em.
I think N. Adams is closer to you than Pitts.

Kymber said...

Thanks for this awesome post Yankee Prepper! Last year was the first year I started to grow my own food (in tires! and it worked out amazingly well!) - this year I am going to start canning and preserving so your post with all of these informative links couldn't have come at a better time! Thanks so much!