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27 February 2009

Foraging for WIld Foods in Massachusetts

Here is an interesting link to a series of lectures, slide-shows, and foraging walks for edilble wild foods and mushrooms in Massachusetts in 2009:


More links to various articles about Russ Cohen and foraging in Massachusetts:



Anonymous said...

excellent,im starting to learn mushrooms this year,,,as an addendum,one thing i have done over time is to transplant edibles from one area to several or more to allow their naturalisation,,,,this way,,theres more....thankya

Kadipa said...

One of the first things that my wife and I do when we've moved to a new area is visit the book store. Nearly every book store that we've visited has a "Local" section, where you can find anything from restaurants to local animal and plant life. The latter of these is what we search out, that we may better prepare ourselves for what we can find in the local plant life. Last fall, we found a great number of mushrooms that were VERY tasty. Most especially the "oysters". They have a sort of seafood flavor, hence the name.