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10 May 2009

Fish or Famine?

Here is a news story from Hannity on Fox from Friday.
I hope everyone will be going full speed with their gardens.
Looks as though we will need it.



Herbalpagan said...

Gettin' 'er done here in north western Mass! FINALLY! My 3 pear trees and 2 cherry trees are in, dirt tilled for the blueberries and cranberries, beds almost cleaned out and the seedlings are being hardened off. When I get things planted, I'll post a pic.

western mass. man said...

I'm almost ready. Tilled it 2 weeks ago. Added another 5'x15' section. I'm not sure if that will be enough for what I got planned. We'll see I guess.
Seed came in yesterday. Got to plan it out.