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21 June 2009

A good site revisited

Here is the site that start it out for me in the prepping area.
I consider his site one of the best that I don't usually hear anyone talk or refer to.
Miles Stair has put a ton of info for everyone to read and archive.
His site is loaded with info. From gardening to kerosene stoves and lamps to fire wood.
He also gets into bee keeping, sanitation, communications and medical info.
I see he has updated his site recently. Alot more info since I was last there.
Its all on one site and you don't have to look through archives.
You can also order his web site in CD format as a PDF file.
Have a look see....


1 comment:

Herbalpagan said...

I've heard of that site, but never made it over to check it out, so thanks for the link!