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13 May 2010

The Federal Food Police

Killing the Family Garden

I recently read an article about a bill currently at the House, that can potentially kill the family garden.
When questioned about the wording of the bill, politicians appeared less than forthcoming. The wording is so ambiguous, that it could include not only the named, "small farms" but family gardens as well. It appears that if you have a garden and give so much as a grape to a neighbor or family member, you would be considered a "food distribution point". This being the case, you would fall under federal regulation which would include the exclusion of heirloom seeds. Now what does that leave, you ask? Well, have you ever heard of Monsanto? Monsanto seed products are Genetically Manipulated. Now, have you ever heard of a suicide gene? This is something that Monsanto is reportedly including, or will include, in their genetically manipulated seeds that will terminate upon germination. In other words, they will not produce viable seeds. Now, having said that, this means that you will NOT be able to produce seeds from their fruit, that will recreate the plant from which they sprang.
If we have to buy Genetically engineered seeds for our family garden, we will have to buy seeds year after year after year, instead of being able to produce our own. Consider a field of corn producing seed corn that will NOT grow corn. If this gene spreads throughout the food chain, what will this mean 20 or 50 years from now. How far will this gene spread throughout the world. I believe this means that 20 years from now, if we want to grow ANYTHING, we will have to go to the corporate giants to buy the seed that will produce one and only one plant. For every plant you grow, it will have to be purchased through the corporate giant Monsanto.
I also read recently that the Bush family are and have been, in bed (so to speak) with this same company. It really makes you wonder when and where this all started.
Are we going to stand by and just wait for this to happen, or are we going to use the voice that our forefathers gave us in the original document that established this country in the first place? In case you've forgotten, it's called the Constitution of the United States. To further remind you, the government is supposed to be afraid of it's people, not the other way around. Did you know that in the beginning, political officers were volunteers and they did NOT get paid. That's why they had jobs outside of their office. It seems now, that they don't need other jobs, because they line their pockets with back alley deals they make with corporations. These deals are taking away our weapons, our rights and now, it seems, our gardens, our ability to provide for ourselves. This new bill is going to go hand in hand with an existing law concerning "food hording". This particular law, disallows us from stockpiling food in our own homes. I'm not talking about buying out a store's entire supply of beef, or tomatoes. I'm referring to a slow build up of your own personal stores, over a long period of time. Again, it's all in the wording. Whether you take 12 days or 12 months to gather those stores, it is still considered "hording".

So, decide, will we just continue to "Prep" quietly, or will we do something about the laws that are being quietly written and quietly passed?
Here's a link to the article that I've referenced: Federal Food Police Coming Soon to a Farm Near You.

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1 comment:

Western Mass. Man said...

Always good to keep an eye on our lawmakers.
Thanks Kadipa and welcome aboard.