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11 February 2009


knowledge is essential,,aside from basic supplements such as food,medical,defense,,one needs to consider a time when the possibility of self sustainability will be the flavor of the day..personally, i am capable in many survival oriented skills, tho not anywhere near enough for comfort,,also,i figure eventually i'll croak,,before being able to pass on what meager knowledge i have,,and for this reason i have been rebuilding my library as best i can with what paltry sums are available....i can't get beyond the concept that we are entering what will become a dark age,,,maybe generational in extent,,provided we as a species survives..leaving behind as large and diverse a repository of relevant survival skills is, to me, more important than present day enjoyments...if nothing bad comes to pass in my time, at least i'll leave real wealth,,,aka knowledge,behind.
not complete by any means..any suggestions for additions?

traditional bowyers bible,,1 & 2
back to basics,,readers digest
practical blacksmithing and metalworking(blandford)
(gingery books on list..$$)
bicycle maintenance and repair(rodale)
foraging new england(falcon)
the herb book(lust)
mushroom hunters field guide(smith)
edible wild plants(peterson)
medicinal plants and herbs(peterson)
herbal medicine makers handbook(green)
complete medicinal herbal(ody)
foxfire(vol 1)
down home ways(johnson)
make it don't buy it(warde)
deer hunting(smith)
handbook of garden insects(rodale)
beginning chess(pritchard)
lateral and critical thinking(sloane et al)
map reading and land nav(fm 21-26)
(also several topos of surrounding areas)
where there is no doctor/dentist(werner et al)
be your own doctor(wigmore/herbalist)
soap making and enjoying(bramson)
SAS survival(wiseman)
make it last(yankee)
ball blue book
book of woodcraft(4 & 5,,seton)
ID and harvesting edible/medicinal plants(wildman brill)
home workplace(organic gardening)
do it yourself gunpowder(mclean)
home workshop explosives(uncle fester)
earth sheltered housing design(mother earth)
root cellaring(bubel)
gardening when it counts(solomon)
in addition, for several years i have collected numerous pdfs and info sheets from various locations online,,which are presently being printed out and folderized..any info deemed relevant or potentially useful...refill kits for ink,,,,knowledge of location in library of necessary titles,priceless
that's my gem for today,,beautiful saturday(my schedule),,,gonna make up a slew of guerilla fishing kits,,,keep preppin,,have a good'un,,peace


Anonymous said...

Hello- I am in western Massachusetts, in the hilltowns, and I would love to add a few titles to the list. Give me a couple of days to gather some information.

I have been prepping seriously since last year, grew up on a farm, and have gardening, food preservation, and sewing experience (made a down vest or two, also knit, quilt, etc) So hopefully, I can add my two cents here and there, and contribute something worthwhile to the Massachusetts Preppers Network.

Anonymous said...

great to hear from you,,,i'll add you to the contributors, but i need email,,

Herbalpagan said...

I have quite a lot of "booklets" with one topic per booklet that i got from Storey/Garden Way Publishing. You can still find them in used bookstores. I also have a collection of Extension Agency pamphlets that are very useful, and free!