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14 February 2009

Massachusetts CISA- Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

This is a great local organization for western and central Massachusetts. I have posted the Mission Statement below, and also a link to the Events page. There are some upcomimg workshops and a "Cabin Fever" seed savers exchange in Greenfield on February 28th.

Our Mission
CISA links farmers and communities to strengthen agriculture and enhance the economy, rural character, environmental quality, and social well-being of western Massachusetts and partners with other organizations in its region and around the country to sustain agriculture.



Herbalpagan said...

do you know anything about how this differs from regular CSA? Is it something like planning community gardens?
Thanks for the link!

Local said...

CISA is not a farm. It is a 15 year old nonprofit that works to promote farms that supply locally grown farm products in western Massachusetts. We support CSA farms as well as farms that sell wholesale to restaurants and retailers or direct to consumers. We do a lot of work helping people learn where to find locally grown food, fiber and wood products.

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