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11 February 2009

wednesdays tidbit

Survival Things A few things that we have learned over the years....
Our 5 gallon buckets are full of plastic garbage bags, but were you
aware that strips of newspaper inside those garbage bags helps
prevent leakage of the fluids? One section of a standard newspaper,
shredded will provide enough material for 3 garbage bags,
additionally the newspaper will help compost the material... since no
one can tell how long we may be forced to hunker down that waste
material will pile up fast...keeping waste from leaking is one way to
increase ones santiation.
Another tip, using a solar
shower... you really don't need the sun, you can warm the water with
your body heat, using it as a back support or sleeping with it will
warm it up. An inflatable baby pool is an absolute if your planning
to shower inside your shelter/safe place. Not only will it catch the
water, but you can rinse out dirty clothes in that water. The pool
will let you dispose of the water without drenching the inside of
your shelter.
I am fastidious about washing my face I have learned that one way to
conserve water is to have 2 washcloths to wash my face with. One
usually a brightly colored will have soap on it, a small amount of
very hot water will be enough to suds up and wash my face, the other
usually white has no soap on it and using 1/4 or less of hot water
after I have rinsed will remove any residual soap in that cloth, If
you have to rinse the cloth that has soap on it to rinse your face
with you increase your usage to about 2 cups..... Since my well went
dry over a decade ago, and drought preventing the cistern from
filling I have learned many ways to conserve water... if you plan to
remain in your home the water from any bathing or washing of dishes
will flush your toilet.... we have learned that one gallon or less of
water will flush the toilet.... even with a low flush toilet there is
a lot of water waste... when SHTF water will be one of the most
valuable resources...
When my children were little they were unaware that KoolAid (any dry
drink mix) was supposed to have sugar added... I used the juice from
the fruits that I canned to sweeten Kool Aid. This trick will work
during an emergency as well. Jello will also make a good drink if you
add enough water.. the additional pectin will help slow down diharrea
and there is no need to add sugar, making jello a preferred drink mix
when saving sugar is important.(shine)
an online friend presently located in middle of KY ice storm

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