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05 March 2009

are bloggers in danger?

i spend time surfing through all the "conspiracy" sites and have several times run across the opinion that should martial law be commenced, those who blog about patriotism and survivalism could be high on the "detention" listings,,,,any thoughts that way?....interesting idea, regardless
have a good'un,,keep preppin..see ya in the bread line


American Prepper said...

Keep using our 1st amendment rights to the fullest extent possible, get all others to do the same. Government would become extremely unpopular for detaining people for speaking out. DO NOT EVER BACK DOWN. United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

YankeePrepper said...

I refuse to be intimidated, threatened, or silenced by the possibility that I am on some "list" because I comment or post on a preppers site. I will NOT go quietly!

Herbalpagan said...

I have read this, and I have to admit; I felt a moment of "oh shit!"...but ya know what? It's worth it to share tips, learn things and make social contact with people who are like minded. It is our RIGHT to do so! I was told once "in matters of taste, go with the flow. In matters of princile, stand like a stone". Well, I guess this is where I show that I am a "diamond in the rough", the toughest stone going!

Shy Wolf said...

Are Patriots and Preppers on a short list of 'persons of interest' to the dotgov? It has long been my contention that, "Yes, we certainly are." My mind has been 'made up' and the decision confirmed that when the PTB begin assimilating folks for detention centers, I am going to be on the list (and will be in some most excellent company!). It behooves me, with this mind-set, to be ready for such scenario and do all I can to prevent it happening to me and mine. Just when to do what has always been the question. Being informed and properly interpreting the information is the only way to get the jump in this area. So, let's keep our ears to the rails and listen hard for the coming train.