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07 March 2009

we ARE slaves

YouTube - you are a slave to the Government

what do you think of that?,,free?,,,no longer, and not for a long time
Spartacus, where are ya?


Herbalpagan said...

Well, this will be a long answer that probably won't really give you an answer! First, in order to be a "slave" one must know what a slave is, and there are many different types of slavery and degrees of such.
I know when I was a teenager, I believed that I was a slave for my parents! lol I know that when I was a younger mother, I felt like I was a slave to my family. In both cases, I hardly ever had my own money, I couldn't go where I wanted to, and I had to answer to them. A slave right? There are people who are slaves to desire, slaves to the "bottle or drugs, people who work for "slave drivers". In a way, we are all slaves to responsibilty...but are we FREE?
We can still make choices on where we live, who we marry, when we marry, what we do for work. We can still advance ourselves by our own merit. If we don't "like it, we can leave". Therefore, we are not really slaves.
We, in America, have a hard time if even one freedom is threatened. The rest of the world has far fewer freedoms and far greater dangers than we do here. The poorest people in America, still live better than most of the people in the world. That I can write this and we can discuss this, means that we are free.
Our country is going downhill fast, I agree. But is it really a case of government enslaving us? or is it merely a case of a government trying to keep a mass of people safe and secure and living the best they can? Any large group requires rules and regulations, tytheing and some penal system to work. There are way too many people to just say "do your own thing" and hope for the best. Once you impose those things, some freedoms get eroded.
There is yet another thing....because we are free, if one feels like the burdens of society; the demands of government, are unfairly infringing on our freedom - we can change it! We still have the power to do that! Granted, with all the people in the country, it is not as easy to do, but we still can!
Therefore, I say: we are NOT slaves. BUT, if we don't speak up and stop the things happening, we might some day be.

Anonymous said...

touche...kind of spirit that's needed, imo,,but the journey will not be an easy one, think?

Herbalpagan said...

I believe you are right, and I think we will have to fight to keep our freedoms.