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07 March 2009


personally, with each passing day, i get more nervous as to how long this can all go on....if we're looking at bank holidays soon, all kinds of scenarios will present,,,few of them of the good type,,,my attitude for acquiring preps for the last several years has been to NEVER leave a store without adding in some way to my preps,,be it a hardware store, grocers,book, or whatever,,,often, my original intended purchase is ignored for lack of sufficient money for a prep or two....recently, this has been put under strain,,my store has removed full timers from sunday work,,which at time and a half, allowed me extra monies each week for decent prep items,,,i have to say i'm glad to still be slaving away, for the present state of our affairs precludes my dream of squatting up the street...times aren't bad enough for that to work(yet)...believe i have gotten access to 1500sf,,possibly 3000sf,,to garden this summer,,,,my goal, above food supplementation, is to increase my heirloom seed stock,,,,seems to me that seeds should out weigh gold in value for a time,,,,keep preppin, have a good'un...search your souls...peace
Posted by erik at 12:32 PM


Herbalpagan said...

oooh-sweet! that's a huge garden and with that you should be able to supply all your veggie needs for the next year if you plan it right! Good luck to you.

YankeePrepper said...

Wow- that's a big garden. I agree that there will be a huge market in trading and bartering of seeds. I will be trying some different grains this year like millet and quinoa and flax. We'll see how they do in Massachusetts!

Anonymous said...

quinoa and flax...(great minds)
also several tobaccos,broomcorn,sorghum,amaranth(all for seed)
rest all heirloom from big johns package, and my standards.....i love gardening :)