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16 February 2009

just a thought

prepping,,and preppers,,this is what we are supposed to be about,,,newbie or Saxon, it matters not,,,we have the desire to survive the coming hardships, and hard they will be,,,to do this we must communicate,,the new people may be leery of seeming inept,,but if you're new,, of course you can't be expected to have the degree of expertise and knowledge that someone that has been at it a while has..but you can't learn by not becoming involved...rather, many times, questions that may seem stupid, will inspire someone who is sure they know all there is, to reassess and often learn something more as they answer..nobody has all the answers,,that much i can be certain of,,i've been prepping in this present mode for a number of years,and constantly pick up new techniques from very unexpected situations,,,prior to present day methods,,i had five cases of c-rations,,and 9 different weapons, all with a goodly supply of ammo,,,,,i've come a long way since then,,restructuring EVERY aspect of what i once considered "being ready",,ive learned to pretty much ignore the ego trippers,,, armchair wannabes,,,big money monsters,,,,every aspect of these past 12/14 years has been conducted on a low budget,,and is far superior in content and sustainability than when i was rolling in cash,,,i make more realistic decisions on what is needed,,,from soap to womans hygiene products to seeds,,to name a few,,,less money means choosing what is needed,,not wanted,,,rambo is a movie,,not very realistic in a SHTF situation,,,sure everyone has their preferences,,and those that have big money,,more power to em,,,me,,i believe what i have assembled will meet my needs far more realistically than if i were flush with cash,,,there is a lot more consideration involved when you can only buy x amount of preps a week,,,,don't read me wrong,,i aint knocking people with money,,but it isnt required to build a well rounded supply of needed material... .and,,don't make the mistake that you have beacoup time left,,,,to prep properly.or adequately,SHALL require a great deal of sacrificing,,more so than had you begun years ago,,,review your present status,,,what do you have on hand to build with...seek assistance,,there are literally thousands of people i know of who will consider themselves fortunate to suggest, volunteer their energies, to anyone that is serious,,,anyone along the way gives you grief for"just wakin up" or any other horse pucky,,ignore em,,rise above,,move forward with those who will help...you have you to save,,if you have kids and loved ones, then dammit,,quit reading this and FIND HELP....pm me if you want some good places with good people to start,,,now..GET OFF YOUR ASS and get it going you only fail when you quit
have a good'un,,,,cuz the shitstorms coming


American Prepper said...

Amen Erik

Anonymous said...

Good post, Erik. We all have something to offer as far as different skills and knowledge. I know there are more preppers in Massachusetts- stand up and be counted!