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16 February 2009

get a ticket

the following is an idea which had been floating around in my skull causing all kinds of disruptions and was getting really irritating,,,then, as so often happens,,i was reading a blog on here, and wish i could do proper credit but it slips my mind.....a ticket...yea, thats right....something with which one gains admittance....in related terms..
maybe you cannot afford or feel there is inadequate time to assemble everything required to pull off your own extended hunkerdown house party when the feces hits the fan,,,consider,,,if you had something of great value,,,not grammas brooch,,but say, the entire collection of "how things work"(think lucifers hammer)...a solid collection of medical gear and texts(or experience with them),,,,,a large supply of heirloom seeds,,,,,piles of ammunition and reloading gear with the skill to use them,,,any numbers of items in a similar vein could be considered by some one as valuable enough to accept as payment for sharing protection in an established safe area,,,sure theres drawbacks..always, ,but if you have limited funds and time it may be worth considering...no one will want someone who is merely a drain on precious resources..increase YOUR value
ideas and critiques welcomed

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