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17 February 2009

my little town

i wonder a lot as to my location in time of massive crisis,,this area is heavily populated, by small town standards, and tho there still are many families that have been here for generations, we are also faced with many upscale yuppie families and a significant number of "transients"..ie, people who came to the area to rent and work while the economy was good...few interactions go beyond hi how are ya etc,,,i'm in this town,,but hometown is next one down,,it suffered the influx far worse than here,,,i still know many of the locals and have a lot of good friends from back in the day...my plan b,,should hunkerdown mode not be realised is to move to friends neighborhood,,,where i have made numerous appearances and so am somewhat accepted,,on the say so of my partner,,,group dynamics will need be developed,,and egos will come into play with some thinking they be general washington or such, i'm sure..would be a shame to relocate my stashes only to be expected to become a flunky to someone that maybe don't have as much going for him as he thought,,,i'd be the newcomer,,,and i couldn't take idiotic commands,,,few have any mil experience,,just a lotta guns and budweiser bravado....squatting is first on list,,i can convert a mcmansion to livable in a week, with materials on hand,,and the empty ones i've earmarked fit my bill,,,all this is dependant on a near complete breakdown of societal enforcement,,but i look that far so as to be prepared,,,we will have an area capable of mutual support,,but there will be a lot of bugs to work out,,as i, for one,,have no clear idea of these peoples abilities and/or attitudes when it gets tight,,,i seen some shit,,i can function,,,i pray those that haven't are willing to listen to those of us who have,,,cuz if not,,its another bailout sit for me,,to a less secure but self governing area,,,make sense?,,,rambling,,thinking..its gettin close
any input appreciated,,,i always remain open to experience and knowledge..and no, i dont think im the cats meow,,,but i have a tigers forepaws

1 comment:

Herbalpagan said...

I understand what you are saying. We sat in our McMansion and thought about how if TSHTF, we would be inundated with people. We couldn't grow a garden and we were at the mercy of town services (gas,water,power) and we had no choice in that. We were decided to make a change. We were lucky that we sold the house and found this one. Most people can't do that, most people are where they are. Simple as that. But we can teach and we can share and we can prepare for what we can. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, as the saying goes. If one can find a way to make the change, I highly reccomend it though!