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20 February 2009

stolen post from Dad in WA...thanks

Just how much is $315 billion dollars and what would it look like?
$315 Billion dollars and what would it look like.(The pictures did not display well when shared on this site, therefore I have pulled them.) I do however recommend going over to "ryanandsusie's" for a better look and view of their pictures of just how large a pile of money $315 billion dollars is.
Their site is at: http://www.ryanandsusie.com/images/money_stack/
After viewing "ryanandsusie's" immages, then try to imagine over $700 Billion Dollars in one stack! Worse yet, estimates are that the bailout could include over $2 Trillion dollars (or more), before our government is finished trying to solve our financial crisis by throwing money at the problem. This is why it is equally important to go to one more site for additional graphics.
This next site is well worth the visit. It is to Glenn Beck's website. Glenn has a short video clip that shows just how outrageous this current spending is, compared to the government's prior history of printing and spending since 1921. (Catch Glenn's video at the below listed website)
Below is a graph from Glenn's site, but trust me, it does not do it justice or give the accompanied explaination from Glenn's lips as he explains all the details in his short video.Be prepared to be shocked, this is a real eye opener......

Glenn's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDEe0Ai6lTM
Posted by Bill at 9:16 AM

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YankeePrepper said...

Scary stuff! I heard an interview on the Glen Beck radio show yesterday with Gerald Celente, and it was also an eye-opener.