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18 February 2009

mass prepper blog

this blog was created by a good man(Tom,@American Prepper Network) to allow open communication of ideas deemed worthy of prepping and survivalist themes,,,,by becoming a contributor, you have access to posting what you see as of interest to others,,,chances are very good, that if you feel an idea is interesting or relevant ,,so too will some other person,,who may not have any knowledge of the subject or more info to add,it could assist their preparedness,,this page is ours,,yours, mine, theirs....the only things to keep controlled is any racial or otherwise abusive assaults and opinionating,,theres no market for that here,,you don't know what i am, i don't know what you are,,but seemingly we are preppers together,,and all part of the same family,,,the human family,,my permission is not needed,,c'mon,,this is for us all...take advantage..have a good'un,,,feed the machine,,keep prepping


American Prepper said...

Thanks for the mention Erik! Your site is lookin real nice!

Anonymous said...

my thanks are to you Good Sir...